Custom Synthesis

Process Development

We can work with your technology, or we can use our extensive resources in chemical analysis to develop, test and prove efficient new processes. Either way, you’ll benefit from years of Chiralblock’s scale-up experience with hundreds of products in dozens of industries.

A seasoned technical group made up of PhD-level organic chemists supervises contract service operations in our research laboratories, kilo labs, and pilot plants. 

We have a talented team with an exceptional focus on solving customer problems. We can help you control development time and costs by thoroughly testing your process in well-equipped research laboratories. Once the R&D work is done, we will stay with you during the kilo-lab or pilot-plant stage, ensuring consistency with a sense of ownership and accountability.

Contact Research

A time and materials contract allows the client to investigate a new or speculative idea. Some time and materials contracts Chiralblock will engage into are:

Demonstrating the claims of a patent.

Devising a viable synthesis of targets for a specific study.

Process research of promising development candidates.

For all projects, Chiralblock’s customers benefit from our proven chemical expertise.

Custom Chemicals

Chiralblock’s is a key supplier of custom and fine chemicals with extensive experience in the manufacturing of complex organic molecules. Backed by researchers, engineers, technologies and enabled by our existing production capabilities, we provide services not offered by many other custom and fine chemical providers. Chiralblock’s can custom manufacture the molecule you need for your agricultural, industrial, imaging or pharmaceutical project. The technology can be yours, Chiralblock’s or jointly developed.

Chiralblock’s has a proven track record of successful product development and scale-up. Our wide-ranging capabilities allow us to support your project from the laboratory through market development to full-scale commercial requirements.

Chiralblock’s custom chemical synthesis business offers expertise in developing and manufacturing organic chemicals with small-company flexibility. We routinely scale up from laboratory to commercial manufacturing.

Whether your immediate need is a unique business solution, process scale-up, or an extension of your manufacturing line, Chiralblock’s is ready to discuss your custom chemical projects.